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frontWho should use I need help.® Communication Bracelets


I need help.® Communication Bracelets are used across the world in learning environments by students and staff and also the health industry by Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language clinics, Hospitals, medical patients, group, nursing, assistive living homes and families. Bracelets are also used by deaf citizens, people who travel, assistive technology companies, and Women of Today organizations. The bracelets have been featured in Womensinc Magazine, the website: AUTISMINFO.COM, Advance Health Care Magazine, About.com and continue to be supported by Autism Society of America Chapters.


1) Learning Environments: Students and Staff: Use Schedule, Feelings, Needs, Number, Camp, Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, I have Diabetes, I have Epilepsy, I have Autism, and I want ______ bracelets.
textEvery student with special education needs, learning challenges, or Autism Spectrum Disorders, paraprofessional/educational assistant, special education and classroom teacher, social worker, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, bracelet buddy, and any other support staff that work with students should wear the  I need help.®  bracelet on their dominant wrist each school day. This bracelet gives the students the visual tool needed to ask for help!



2) Health Industry: Medical Patients/Hospitals/Group and Nursing Homes/Deaf Citizens: Use the Needs, Feeling, Number, I have Diabetes, I have Epilepsy, I have a Pacemaker, I have Autism, Casein-Free Diet, Gluten-Free Diet Bracelets and I want___ bracelets.

Medical Patients, group and nursing home clients, health care industry, deaf citizens and support staff should wear the I need help.® bracelets everyday. The medical conditions and diet restrictions bracelets alerts caregivers to their needs and conditions. When in distress or unable to communicate these people can point to their bracelet to indicate exactly what assistance they need or their emotional level.

*** When distressed people see support staff wearing the bracelet, it's a visual reminder that the person is a resource for help!!
assisted living
nursing home
Assisted Living
Nursing Home
Deaf Citizen
Dentist Office


3) Travelers: Use the Needs, Feelings, I have Diabetes, I have Epilepsy, I have Autism, I have a Pacemaker, Casein-Free, Gluten-Free Diet Bracelets and I want____ bracelets.

travelerTravelers throughout the world use the Needs bracelet by pointing to the universal icon that they need. This bracelet helps people to understand exactly what the traveler needs so they can accomodate them. The Gluten-Free and Casein-Free bracelet communicates a special diet is required and the I have Diabetes or I have Epilepsy communicates a medical condition. The Feeling bracelet allows the traveler to communicate their emotions.