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Wh Bracelet

Wh bracelet

This bracelet has the words Who What Where When Why How. The Wh bracelet may be used to promote speech and language.


1. Point and slowly say the word of your choice (Who What Where When Why How) to the bracelet wearer. This prompts the bracelet wearer to give you a response.

2. You may use the entire bracelet by pointing to the words, "I need help." Next ask "Wh" word.


How to use the words: I need help.®:

front1.  When a person looks distressed the staff member can say, “Look at your/my bracelet.”  This prompts the person to look at the bracelet and then ask for help.   

  2. Non-verbal people can point to their own bracelet; this will cue the staff member that help is needed.

front3.  Point to the words on the bracelet and slowly say, “I need”. This cues the person to specifically say what they need.

4.  The inside of the bracelet has embossing. For sensory needs some people use the bracelet like a "fidget" to rub and calm themselves when they are anxious or expected to sit still.  Bracelets are 100% silicone, non-toxic and lead free.