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Number Bracelet





How to use the Number Bracelet:

Education Field:

1A)  Ask the student: I need you to do this 5 times for me (Repetition).  Point to the number 1 and proceed to the next number as the student advances to completion of 5.  (This is a visual/cue reminder of how many times you are requesting the student to perform a task.)

1B)  Use the bracelet as a count down.  For example, I need you to do 3 jobs – 1 empty trash, 2 dust, 3 sweep.  Use the bracelet as a reminder to the 3 jobs.

2A) Use the numbers to learn math:  For example point to 4 and say, “4 plus”, next point to 6 and say “6 =?”  The student will respond with the answer.  In this example you could point and say, “Yes, the answer is 10.”

2B) Use the bracelet to do touch math.

3) Use the number bracelet as a visual to learn to count.

4) To calm down, ask the patient to look at there bracelet and count to ten.  Next, ask the student to take a deep breath and continue.

5) The numbers 1 -10 are the common numbers on a keyboard, phone, calculator, etc.  Use the number bracelet when teaching number placement on these devices.

Health Care Industry:

1) On the pain scale, ask the patient what number they are feeling.  The patient can point to there pain level.

2) To calm down, ask the patient to look at there bracelet and count to ten.  Next, ask the patient to take a deep breath and continue.

How to use the words: I need help.®:

front1.  When a person looks distressed the staff member can say, “Look at your/my bracelet.”  This prompts the person to look at the bracelet and then ask for help.   

  2. Non-verbal people can point to their own bracelet; this will cue the staff member that help is needed.

front3.  Point to the words on the bracelet and slowly say, “I need”. This cues the person to specifically say what they need.

4.  The inside of the bracelet has embossing. For sensory needs some people use the bracelet like a "fidget" to rub and calm themselves when they are anxious or expected to sit still.  Bracelets are 100% silicone, non-toxic and lead free .